Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maids in Brown

The biggest news in these parts lately is that our oldest brother is engaged and getting married in late October! We are, to put it lightly, totally thrilled. We love, love, love Erika!

This brings up the whole exciting topic of wedding fashions. Erika announced that she's chosen brown as the color for her bridesmaids. I was a little unsure about this before but now that I've seen some really pretty dresses, I'm all for it; it is a Fall wedding after all! The bride is letting us choose the style of the dress that we want-as long as its floor length and not strapless-and Danielle, another bridesmaid, and her family are going to sew them. This means I have some very fun decisions to make! This also means I have some very hard decisions to make! I've pretty much decided on a square-neckline, cap-sleeves and a Empire waist. I also really like bows so I was thinking maybe a thin ribbon going over the Empire waist with a bow, or a wide sash. But I also love the look of lots of little buttons down the back! I think I'll only have the bow or the buttons, not both, because I do want to keep it simple.

I love this dress. Isn't the color delicious? I like to call this style a "Cool Whip" dress because that's what the bunching of the skirt reminds me of! I think for the wedding though, its a little too fancy(and also strapless).

I'm off to look for more dress ideas!

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