Friday, February 26, 2010

Pre-Weekend Recap

Its not even 5 o'clock and my weekend has already been busy! I was up at the crack of dawn, aka 5:45, to leave for babysitting. I love my sleep but I love those sweet babies more. As Marianne Dashwood would said,"what care I about these early hours when there are such babies to watch?".

When I left babysitting I drove to meet our friend, Dawn, and her two girls at a boutique dress shop. Dawn is getting remarried in May and asked me if I'd like to help her pick out a dress. How could I say no to an offer like that? I feel like quite the wedding expert these days! She did find a beautiful dress but nothing is final yet.

As soon as I'm done writing this, I'm leaving for a GNO with Autumn! We're going to bake some chocolaty goodness, play games, eat a little more, drink tea, watch a girly movie that Autumn's picked out for us, probably eat some more{clearly eating is high on our priority list}and most definitely go to sleep very late. We'll also do ALOT of talking and laughing. I think we have all the ingredients for a wonderful time! :)

Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

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