Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's all Christopher's fault

Without a doubt it's official- every time Christopher comes to visit this poor blog is abandoned. The blog that brought us together just gets swooshed to the side. Clearly we're just too busy doing lots of other exciting things together.

Saturday was our first Christmas celebration with Erika, Debbie, and Christopher and according to the reports, it was a successful first.

I'm not sure what was making Grandma laugh so hard, but she certainly was enjoying herself.

Here we have a group of adoring fans listening to Christopher tell his version of how we got engaged. Our versions of the story are very similar, especially the part where I said yes. 
{Notice the paparazzi.}
Look how happy the adoring fans are!
I have never seen anyone get so excited about a key as Aaron did about the key Andrew and Debbie gave him to their house. Who knew a little key could bring so much Christmas cheer?

Monday night we went to a Fezziwig Christmas Ball.
It was a very Christmasy event and many in attendance took the invitation to "come in costume" quite seriously. Below we see the ever fab Hannah and Willie M.
Unlike the Civil War ball where my dance card was overtaken by a boy named Brandon, my dance card for this ball was primarily taken over by someone whose name starts with a C and ends with an r.

found us doing errands, eating Chinese food and getting together with Katie for ice cream. Katie and I hadn't visited in approximately forever so we did a lot of talking. Poor Christopher was subjected to listening to many conversations that to the unaccustomed sounded like a bunch of half sentences and quite a bit of nonsense, but in reality it's just the way Katie and I generally communicate. We've learned a unique brand of communication over our 20 years together.

Mr. C. and I are Christmas lights people so we drove around looking at the beautiful and not so beautiful sights. It's a little disturbing what some people find attractive when it comes to Christmas lights. After looking at neighborhood lights, we went to see a huge display of beautiful Christmas lights at a former monastery. The picture below does not do it justice.
I had to babysit on Wednesday but while the kids were watching their show, we had Wedding Planning Meeting #1. Daniel and Erika gave us this very helpful book as an engagement present and we plan on studying it from page 1 all the way through page 293.

As tends to happen when he comes to visit, Christopher had to leave this morning BUT I'll see him {as well as Stephanie, Logan & Co.} on Sunday when I travel to Phoenix!

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Looks like such a great time! Merry Christmas! :)