Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The REAL sleepover

There was a lot of excitement in Babysitterville on Saturday: we had a REAL, bring-your-pajamas-and-stuffed-animals sleepover. 

It would have been highly unacceptable had I appeared at Molly's door without a craft, so I collected the necessary materials to make paper Easter eggs. Pooh, Humphrey, Hero, and Bentley sat on the table watching us as we worked. They all seem to be the strong and silent type because we didn't hear a peep from them all evening. Molly's stuffed Lambie, on the other hand, was just like her- very vocal the whole night. "HUMPHREY!! WHAT are you doing? I'm going to FLY across the room!!" At which time Molly throws Lambie across the living room.) 
Thankfully these children of mine are used to the camera because it was absolutely necessary to take a picture of us in our pajamas holding our stuffed animals. 

After the above picture,things quickly disintegrated into taking silly pictures. I'm not going to put up the picture of myself making a silly face because this is a family friendly blog and I'd like to keep things pleasant for all involved. 

Christopher and I had a movie date scheduled for after the kids went to bed, but Brian and Carol came home early from their date so they joined me in the living room to watch Robin Hood. Being on a date with a person in another state while sitting next to an aunt and uncle was a new experience for me.

I discovered something new about Molly this weekend- the time on the clock makes no difference to how much her mouth goes. I tried to very quietly sneak into bed(we were sharing her bed because it was a REAL sleepover) just after 12:30, but her little head popped off the pillow and her little mouth started going. I didn't mind too much because talking in bed is all part of the REAL experience, and I loved seeing her so excited. However. Not three seconds after she woke up at 6:48 she started talking about how much she wanted to go down and make more paper eggs and wasn't I going to get up soon and it was only SIX MINUTES minutes until 7:05, the time I promised to get up. Now it's only FOUR MINUTES! And where's Humphrey? How old is Humphrey? Why is he that old? What's his favorite food? Does Christopher think he'll be at the wedding? ONE MORE MINUTES!!

And that's how I came to be making paper Easter eggs at exactly 7:06 on Sunday morning.

I know I go on and on about how much Molly talks or about the different things Zachary does, but it's just because I love those two SO,SO much and I'm thankful for every single time I've babysat them over the last three years. Saturday was the last time I'll babysit them until who knows when after the wedding so we were all a little sad, but it makes me so happy to know that I'll get to see their adorable faces whenever we come down to visit.

And I'm counting on Molly and her large vocabulary coming up to visit us in New York.

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