Thursday, November 24, 2011

count your blessings, one by one

#1. My dear sister Elizabeth, whom I affectionately call Squiddzen. She's away at school right now so I haven't seen her since August, but I think about her ALL THE TIME. Did I ever mention that on nights when I couldn't sleep, she would tell me her version of The Great Gatsby? It worked like a charm and put  me to sleep every single time. It was like my own personal sleeping pill.

#2. I can now successfully drive a standard. I have always been a praying person, but I never really prayed for safe travels every time I got into the car. Now I pray that I won't crash, screech, stall, or squeal every single time. So far God has answered my prayers because I haven't crashed once. (But there are still some days when I screech and stall like it's GOING OUT OF STYLE.)

#3. The friends I have made through blogging. I'm especially thankful for the one I can text about how many dresses Carrie wore during the CMA Award's, or how much we should tip the people who clean our car.
She understands how important these things are. ;-)  

#4. My beautiful wedding. I love that I was able to have the real butterflies like I always dreamed.

#5. All the weeks I watched Allison.
#6. That Aaron asks me to play xbox with him. 

#7. My nieces and nephews. At this time last year I had nary a one, now I have three. According to my calculations, that's 300% increase. At this rate, I'll have 30 nieces and nephews in 10 years.

#8. Single Ladies Club. When I moved back from New York, we started our meetings up again just as if we had never stopped. It was wonderful.

#9. Babies. I'm always thankful for babies.

#10. My most wonderful Christopher. I always said I wanted to marry a soldier, a cowboy, or an astronaut, and here I am, married to a soldier. The downside of marrying a soldier rather than an astronaut is that my chance of ever visiting the moon is now extremely slim.
Of course, this is only a VERY SMALL portion of my blessings. I'd never have enough room to write them all.


Jamie said...

Being able to drive a stick shift is quite an accomplishment. Congrats!

Mrs. F said...

this is way cute!!! . . .the moon is overrated!!! haha

:D yay for nieces and nephews!