Saturday, May 25, 2013

everything I never got around to blogging about this week all in one post

It has come to my attention lately that this blog has turned into a by-weekly/somewhat non-existent portion of the interweb. I blame that 1/3 on lack of time, 1/3 on lack of material, and 1/3 on the fact that when I have to choose between blogging and sleeping, sleep usually wins.

I have not been completely without material because this week...

...Mr. Aggie came home!! I went to the homecoming and it was right up my patriotic alley. The more men in uniform gathered in one room the better. 
...Mom and the twins came by for a visit! Look how happy Aaron was when I gave my tour of our town (not to be confused with my award-winning Fort Campbell tour). He was BURSTING AT THE SEAMS with joy.
...I love Molly. I love her every week, but look how extra cute she was last night! I plan on keeping her for my very own when her family moves to Korea. Personally I think I'll be doing Jenn a favor since she'll only have to wrangle one child during a 15,856 hour flight. 
...I once again decided that I have the world's best husband. He signed us up for ballroom dance classes for my birthday which, according to my extensive research, only 2% of husbands willingly do.
He did make some comments about my lack of frisbee throwing/catching skilz recently, but I overlooked such statements because I need a dance partner. 

Not to  mention that my frisbee throwing/catching skilz are pretty much NOT THERE.


Jenn said...

Ballroom dancing is all about coordination and if you take those classes, your frisbee skillz will OBVIOUSLY improve as well! Win-win! And yes, he is a good man for that gift! Also, I love love LOVE that picture of you two. A framer for sure!!!!

PS. Please oh please oh pretty pretty please put in for Korea too? Why stay here with Molly when you could come and hang out with ALL of us?!

Jen said...

Homecomings are the best and yay for ballroom classes! :)

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

I like that Jenn is lobbying that you just move to Korea too. I would want to keep Molly for myself too!