Monday, January 11, 2016

over the highway and through the tolls, to Grandmother's house we go

Last Thursday afternoon Sesame and I drove down to see my family. The first fifteen minutes of the trip went like this:
1:40- We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for our pre-trip fuel.
1:42- I bust out the snacks.
1:53- I already misread the gps and took a wrong turn. I had to turn around in the parking lot of Pharaoh's Adult Entertainment. The place was much busier than I would have expected for the early afternoon but what do I know? I've become a person who thinks going out after 7:30 on a weekend is late. Not to mention that I seldom visit adult entertain stores at any time of the day.
1:55- I got myself on the right road and waited for the light to turn green. When it did turn I pushed down the gas pedal, the engine made all sorts of noise and we didn't go anywhere. Somehow I put the car in the wrong gear without knowing it. I held up the whole intersection while I panicked.

Once we got on the road it was smooth sailing. The first 278 miles were bor to the ing but I listened to podcasts and AB slept like a rock. She is such a good little traveler. She barely made a peep the whole 7+ hours. She did request multiple singings of The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle and while I sometimes pride myself in having a half decent voice, I wouldn't have won any awards for my renditions. 

We could have made the trip in one day but because we didn't leave until the afternoon I decided we'd stop at a hotel for the night. I kept telling AB we'd swim at the hotel and she talked about it the whole drive. The pool was across the hall from our room and she's stick her face up against the window and lick the glass while asking to put her bathing suit on. After literally hours of anticipation, we didn't even stay in the pool for 10 minutes. She said it was too cold and she wanted to go back to the room and watch a show. Apart from the fact that it took us longer than 10 minutes to get ready for the pool, I was glad we didn't stay in long. Everyone is worried about their bathing suit body in the summer but I think the real season people should worry about squeezing on a bathing suit is the week after Christmas. I wasn't emotionally prepared for what I saw in the mirror.

Annabelle had a hard time falling asleep in her crib so I let her sleep in the bed with me. I really didn't want to share the bed but she wasn't buying how exciting it was to sleep in a "special crib". I put her way over on the other side of the bed so I could still have some space. Somehow the child who is approximately 32'' tall took up 3/4 of the king sized bed. She kept pushing her feet into my back until I was at the very edge of the bed. She woke me up in the morning with a headbutt in the ribs. Reason #574 I don't cosleep.
AB is having the best time. She loves all the attention and finding new things to get into. I love that we're both sleeping in separate beds. It's a win win situation.

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Amanda said...

BAHAHAH. Your reason for not co-sleeping has ALMOST gotten on to my list. Grace still sleeps with us and I wake up with her pressed up against me as my butt hangs off the bed to accommodate. How do they take up so much space?! She has to go in her own room soon though because I'm not going to deal with her and a nursing baby. LOL.