Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday Tidbits

Christopher has been gone for work all week so AB and I have been flying solo.

The last time Christopher was gone Sesame was quite a bit younger (which is generally how time works) so it was the first time she's really known he's gone. She asks about him some and wants to read her Daddy photo book but other than that she's not too torn up about him not being here. She thinks he's still at the airport since that's the last place she saw him. If I leave her the world crumbles down around her.

Thankfully the week has sailed by smoothly. Usually things go wrong when I'm in charge of the house but the worst that has happened so far is the refrigerator leaked. Half a roll of paper towels and three bath towels later I had things under control. Speaking of under control, on Tuesday every single piece of laundry in my house was clean. ALL OF IT. The Lord as done great things in our midst.

I'm not a fan of cosleeping, but last night we had a little cuddle session. She's such a love bug when she's not asking if I have a belly button.
I love when Annabelle and I wear matching clothes but we have exactly one matching outfit. I found a Captain America shirt in her size on a rare trip to Target and snatched it up. I've sat through all 527 Avengers/Iron Man/etc etc etc movies but I'm not much of a super hero person. The only exception is Cpt. America. I do enjoy him.
(If Channing Tatum was a super hero I'd wear his shirt.)

(Just saying.)


Jen said...

So glad the time without Christopher went by without incident. :)

Laura Darling said...

Love the matching shirts! My favorite time of the week is when everything is clean. I almost don't want to change in my pajamas on those days because the empty hamper brings me so much joy.

File that under things my 20 year old self would never imagine saying! :)

Amanda said...

We are gearing up for our first TDY since Grace was under one... and I'm sure it is going to be an adventure because she is all about daddy since her little sister joined the world. Hoping mine goes smoothly too. Also so so jealous that your laundry was all done. Like what?! Look at you go!