Thursday, April 6, 2017

little memories- March 2017

Every month little things happen that don't make it into other posts. I want to start putting all these little memories into their own post so I don't forget they happened.  

* Annabelle learned how to write an A! Most of the time it looks like an H but obviously she's a genius child and will be the next Louisa May Alcott.
She did the A on the left all by herself! I was so proud.
* We went to the zoo and I managed to get pictures with both my people. Good pictures with either of them are a rarity.

* I wanted to send Aaron a little care package so I picked up some of his favorite things- pasta, gum and candy. I wanted to get him a Dunkin Donuts car magnet but I couldn't find one I liked online. I asked Lisa at the DD drive through window if they sold any. She said they didn't, but they happened to have an extra one on their refrigerator she could give me for free. The next time I went through I gave her a little thank you card. The other day I went by for my iced coffee and Lisa was at the window. She gave me a free cup of their new cold brew flavor. I know I'm the customer and she's the worker, but I like feeling that I have a new friend. Besides, it doesn't hurt to have a friend in the right places.  

* This picture makes me smile every time. 
* "You wanna watch a show wif me, Mama?"

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Laura Darling said...

I love this post. You need to frame that A.