Sunday, December 13, 2009

Garrett and Gabby

And so the weddings continue. Friday night Andrew, Marissa, Joanna and I headed to the city for the weddng of our friends Garrett and Gabby. Garrett is the first in our group to get married and, I'm not going to lie, it was slightly sad. *Pardon me while I get my tissues* Sad because we're all growing up and just a little sad for other reasons that don't need to be published for all to see. Unfortunately, neither of our cameras were working properly so I don't have any pictures of the ceremony or the couple together, but I do have a plethora{I have been waiting to use that word}from the reception.

"Wait, is your brother really playing with fire at the table during dinner at a fancy hotel? Doesn't he know he could burn the whole place down?" Yes, he was playing with fire and no,he didn't burn the whole place down. Just think how that would have embarrassed me...not to mention put a damper on the wedding AND the whole Christmas holiday. Our waiter was so impressed with the forks-balancing-on-the-edge-of-a-glass-held-up-only-by-a-flaming-match trick that he called over two more waiters so they could enjoy the show too. If interested, Andrew will perform the trick free of charge at all your major functions.

Marissa and Joanna
The two beautiful girls and I that Andrew was beyond thrilled to have the pleasure of escorting that evening.

Garrett and I*

When I was thinking about it later that night, I realized that Garrett is one of my very oldest friends. We've been friends even longer then Katie and I have. When I was younger, I always thought that I would marry Garrett and Myles{I didn't know at the time that you can only be married to
one person}and we would all live together in a cute little house. I love{slight understatement}the military so just think how much more I would have loved that idea if I had only known then that both Myles and Garrett would be in the military when we were all growed up!
*I'm a
big fan of this picture

Autumn~the maid of honor. She looked lovely and averted catastrophe by realizing that she didn't have the ring before the ceremony began. The bridesmaids actually wore the same dresses we wore for Daniel and Erika's wedding only in silver and without the jackets. We were so excited when we realized we would have the same dress!

In the top right picture I'm with my supposed-to-be husband from our younger days, Myles. The middle picture is Myles and Garrett doing some sort of dance together. Because thats just what dignified military men do.

You know, maybe I should have let Myles and Garrett in on our my wedding plans!

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I was trying to find the answer to how to protect your photos from being copy and pasted. I have mine so they can't be highlighted, but still someone can double click and then copy. Would appreciate your help on how you did this!