Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pre-Christmas Weekend

A slight disappointment came my way yesterday afternoon: the twins mom emailed telling me she hurt her back so she didn't need me to babysit after all. After I recovered, I spent the afternoon writing cards, licking envelopes, and arguing with myself about going out now to feed the rabbits instead of waiting til later when it would be much colder. I waited "til later" and seriously regretted it.

After an early supper, Elizabeth and I went to the friends' Christmas performance at our homeschool group. It made my homeschool graduate heart proud to see how well the kids did. When the A Cappella group comes out with a cd I will be the first one at the store waiting to buy it.

Since the beginning of December, Grandma has been saying she wanted to bring us to her friends home so we could see their Christmas display. We finally went today and were completely floored by it. It was so good! They{mostly the husband}set up just over 200 miniature houses,churches, stores, restaurants, etc. along with over 300 accessories (people, lampposts,animals)in their cellar. They had a hunting lodge, Winter Castle, and even a little Starbucks store. You could spend an hour there and still not see everything.

I finished the earrings for Erika today and believe it or not{I'm still in the " I can't believe it" stage}, I love them. Being completely satisfied with a finished product is something to rejoice about when you're a perfectionist! Once I cut out all unnecessary beads, they were as easy as pie to do. I think she'll like them. : )

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