Friday, November 23, 2012

except for an usual amount of coughing it was a quiet day

I feel like it would be extremely obvious to start off by saying, "Well, yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving." 

So I won't say that.

Wednesday night we drove up to Christopher's parents in Mississippi. We played Let's See Who Can Make a Cough Drop Last the Longest on the way up. That was probably a step down from the karaoke game we played on our last road trip, but we both came down with terrible colds so singing was out of the question. Nothing like ushering in the holiday season with a bottle of Robitussin in one hand and an economy pack of cough drops in the other!  

Despite being in a clariton/benadryal/sudafed/cough medicine induced haze, I insisted on spray painting pinecones gold and stopping at the Dollar Tree (clearly I shop at only high-end stores) for a few Thanksgiving decorations. 
It's really not Thanksgiving until every dish you own is being used and the counters are packed.
I made my world famous, top secret recipe from the back of the Ocean Spray bag cranberry sauce.
To prepare ourselves for the meal, we all took a nap before eating. I'm a fan of naps whenever possible so naturally I didn't complain. 
And that was Thanksgiving. Very quiet (I've never spent the day with so few people) and very nice.

You all have a lovely weekend. If you need me, I'll be polishing off my bag of 80 cough drops.


Bailey said...

Hope you two get to feeling better!

Jen said...

Hope you are feeling better!

Jenn said...

WOWZERS C and his dad look like they could be related or something!!

I'm impressed all around that you make your cranberry any other way than busting it out of that tin can. Imma start calling you Paula Deen! Or Betty Crocker!

I think we're coming down with whatever you've got. Not sure how we managed to transfer that between us (although we ARE only one state away), unless text messaging is more dangerous than I initially thought. (Side note: I keep typing lazily and messing up the spelling of everything. I assume that my computer will autocorrect it like my phone does. It does not.)

Big Cheese said...

......beautiful as always, and so witty :P'