Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I always did want my name on a ballot

On election night I told Christopher that Elizabeth wrote me in for treasurer when she voted. 
"It's a good thing I didn't win because there's no way in the world I could be treasurer," I said. "I'm way too bad at math for a job like that."

"But you are treasurer. You're treasurer of the FRG." He said.

"NO I AM NOT! I never agreed to that!"

"Yes you did. You said you'd be willing to do it if there wouldn't be any public speaking involved. You said you wanted to help out."

"I do want to help out and I did say I might be willing to do it, but under certain conditions! I never finally agreed to it."

"Well, your name is on all the paperwork as treasurer."

So I, the person who does her personal finances on index cards, the person who's not good at math, the person who never actually agreed to be treasurer is now in charge of government funds. Although it's not like I can possibly make things worse, given the current money troubles of the country. 

ps. Look at that picture again. I lost to a democrat. That's what they call adding insult to injury.


Julie said...

I wrote in my brother numerous times on that Bristol County ballot. Now I know his competition!

Jen said...

Being treasurer for an FRG isn't really that bad. :) I did it for our last unit and it was actually fun. :)

Jenn said...

I haven't balanced a checkbook since high school. I'm thankful for USAA and their unwavering support to make things super easy and thus, not making me use a calculator to see if we have any money in our account. I wish I'd known you were a candidate because I would have voted for you too! ;)

Mrs. K said...

I'm so sorry you lost to the left....wait, let me correct myself- AMERICA LOST. ;) Kidding, sort of. Anyway, I am also very terrible at math and have no pointers for your potential treasurer position, but good luck!