Monday, December 3, 2012

a tale of two trees

It was a very festive weekend 'round these parts. We put up our nativity, had pictures taken for our Christmas cards, and we got our Christmas trees. We have a regular size fake tree and a smaller real tree. I did want our big tree to be real, but we'll be traveling for Christmas so we decided it would be easier to do a fake one this year.  

We went to Walmart to for the fake tree. I suggested these trees but Christopher wasn't interested. I just don't understand why. I thought they'd help us have a Klassy Khristmas.
After the pink, white, and purple trees were shot down we started looking at green trees. The tree we choose was sold out so we had to take the display tree. Walmart lost the tree box so we had to disassemble the tree in the aisle and wrap it in plastic wrap. And when I say we I really don't mean I had anything to do with the disassembly. Someone had to stand in the way taking pictures.
I always dreamed of walking around a store with my husband while pushing a cart full of fake tree wrapped in plastic wrap. It was a romantic moment.
We left Wally World and meet Jenn at a Christmas parade downtown. Speaking of klassy, this float featured a HUGE roll of toilet paper.
On Sunday we went to buy our real tree. We had some miscommunication about how big the real tree would be. I thought we were getting a tiny table top one so it would be easy to take down before we leave, but Christopher thought...I'm not exactly sure what he thought, but it wasn't the same thing I thought. That's how we ended up with a tree that's almost the same height as me. 
We basically have a forest in our living room.
We haven't decorated the small tree yet because Christopher's been working late, but we decorated the large tree Saturday night. 
There was a pretty tree under all that plastic wrap after all. 


Laura Darling said...

Ahh that looks so pretty!!! I love that the live one is almost just as big! :) At this rate, you should just get that purple or pink one. What's one more?!

Jen said...

I love it that you have 2 trees. That float is hysterical lol.

Jenn said...

Haa! I didn't know you got a second tree! Dang! And I never noticed the klassy purple tree had even klassier silver glitter cross ornaments on it. I hope you're not planning to eventually move the Sarah-sized tree to the table. Might be hard to make dinner conversation around that thing.