Monday, December 31, 2012

bonding at the bowling alley

Saturday was a big day in the lives of Sarah and Katie. For the first time ever, the men in our lives were in the same place at the same time. (Technically Christopher and Zachary meet at Katie's grandfather's wake two days earlier, but who wants to say they bonded for the first time at a funeral parlor?) We decided that such a momentous occasion deserved the level of sophistication that can only be reached at a bowling alley. 
I was in charge of entering the address of the bowling alley into the gps. Naturally I entered the wrong address. Instead of entering South Street I entered South Road which lead us on a nice little detour away from the bowling alley. I have bad luck navigating that town. Once I was in charge of finding a park for us to have a picnic with Katie's family. I did some research and found the BEST park. Turns out it was in a town in ENGLAND with the same name. 
Katie and I felt it was very important for Christopher and Zachary to spend some time together before we take them on a camping trip we've been planing for the last twelve years. Besides the fact that Zac has 1500 times more energy than Christopher (which really is remarkable when you consider that he's older than Christopher), they get along well. We have high hopes for the camping trip to go well. We'll pack an air mattress for Christopher to nap on.
I'm no expert at bowling, but I'm pretty sure the two X's near my name were kind of a big deal. (My score is by the letter B as in B is for Button which is my nickname.)
Sarah: Let's smile for a picture.
Christopher: Let's take a nap.
We were unable to get a picture of Christopher and Zachary together (Z was moving way too fast), but we have high hopes of a tent and campfire themed photo shoot.

Poor guys. They had no way of knowing what lay in their future when they started dating us. 


Jen said...

How fun! :) Haha that camping trip sounds awesome!

Jenn said...

Love it! Love all of it! Especially C's uncanny ability to make taking photos interesting. ;)

Ok, I think you've had enough fun now. Time to pack it up and bring it on back to Tuckassee. Your people here need you. ;)