Tuesday, January 8, 2013

it was the third biggest wedding of my life

Just last month Katie and I looked like this.
On Saturday this happened.

We got ready for the wedding in a tiny Sunday school room that was approximately -12 degrees. I brought the only mirror (Matron of Honor of the year!), so things were pretty cozy.
Abby was the definition of wedding fashion.
Katie and Zachary had 18 people in the wedding so things were always hopping.  I knew all the bridesmaids and half the groomsmen, but three groomsmen were especially interesting (translation: blog worthy). One groomsman named Randy answers to the nickname Poncho.  I could never remember his nickname so at different points throughout the weekend I managed to call him Taco, Rancho and Rango. I knew it was a Spanish name ending in O. It was only a matter of time before I called him Pablo.

The other two groomsmen were best friends who looked a little like a young Hugh Jackman and a young Matt Damon. They were so much fun. We couldn't rely on Katie and Zachary to kept us entertained (something about needing to look into the other’s eyes for 82  hours straight and forgetting about the rest of us), but Hugh and Matt (known as Ryan and Ben to people in the real world) kept things exciting. They confiscated the camera and occupied the little kids by taking self portraits.
Hugh and his wife Callie have the cutest little baby girl and they both agreed that I could take her home with me. There appears to have been some technical difficulty because they went back to Texas and didn't leave the baby. People are always saying I can have their baby then changing their minds at the last minute. I just don’t understand.

Jennie and I were the honorable ones- she was the maid of honor and I was the matron. I've always liked Jennie, but I never loved her more than when she said she’d give the speech at the reception so I didn't have to. 
Christopher couldn't go to the wedding (OH THE SADNESS), so Joanna was my stand-in husband. She did a good job but it wasn't like have the real thing. When Joanna left I looked around the room and found myself a new dance partner. He was happier about it than he looks.
I suppose it's only fitting at this point to include a picture of the groom.
I hope they can stop gazing at each other long enough to send me a postcard from their honeymoon.


Terri Lynn Grothe said...

BEautiful Bride, i love the dresses she had chosen and her dress was gorgeous.

Jen said...

What a beautiful bride. I love absolutely love your dress you looked gorgeous. :) You can never go wrong with a good wedding. :)

Bailey said...

Congrats to Katie and Zachary! Those bridesmaids dresses are so cute... where are they from? I would totally wear that dress again. Haha.

Laura Darling said...

Ahh I was waiting for this post!! She looks so beautiful and happy! I love that old pic of the two of you- crazy how things change so fast!

Mrs. K said...

Cute little dance partner for a lovely lady! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Pretty bridesmaid dresses!