Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A little pinspiration for your day

Pinned- Flower wall art

                                                                     Source: itsdoable.squarespace.com via Sarah on Pinterest

   Sponsored by the paint departments of Home Depots across America

Pinned- Owl stuffed animal
                                                              Source: ashbyfamilyblog.blogspot.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Made in my sewing class with Anna and Jill

(Found while perusing Pinterest and presented in honor of my recent crock pot/bacon tragedy.)

            Source: wanelo.com via Autumn on Pinterest


Jen said...

The shirt is sooo me!! :) I'm a baconaholic.

Bailey @ Becoming Bailey said...

Your owl is so cute! Haha!

Meg said...

Oh my gosh, I love your flower artwork!! What an awesome project. Our walls could definitely use some excitement, so I might have to make one of those too :)

Meg @ myborrowedheaven.blogspot.com

Taylor Knittel said...

I love your flower wall art! I'm starting college in the fall, so that seems like the perfect project to spruce up the old dorm haha (:

Mrs. K said...

Yours are better than the originals! sooo cute

Keri said...

I looooooooove your flower art!!

And I just stole the bacon shirt and posted on facebook!

Kim said...

The art work is great! I like it better than the pinned one. ;)