Saturday, July 13, 2013

a ball was had by all

Last night we continued our traditional of attending a summer baseball game. 
The tradition was only started last year so we're currently batting 100 with Summer Tradition Success. 
Our friends Daniel and Scherrie came with us and we were all having so much fun eating nachos with fake cheese and not paying attention to our surroundings that we didn't realize we were sitting in the wrong seats. In the completely wrong section. So we picked up our various belongs (which means I had four things to pick up and Christopher had zero. Why do men always pack so light?) and made the walk of shame out of our row.
Our move was actually a good thing because it provided a better vantage point for Picture VIII of my Dugout Series. Every single time I've been to a baseball I take a dugout picture. It's a tradition I cannot explain. 
The game went into extra innings and was topped off with fireworks at the end. Judging from the fact that I included my knee in the picture, I probably won't be starting a Fireworks After the Game series.
We didn't have time to eat supper before the game and the fake nachos didn't cut it, so we went out to eat after the fireworks. Christopher and I like to think we're as exciting as the next couple, but we aren't usually out on the town eating supper at 12:45 in the AM. Double dates make you go wild.
A song came on the radio while we were eating that launched Christopher, Scherrie, and Daniel into a discussion of songs they listened to in the 80's. I couldn't contribute much to the conversation due to being born 6 months before the 1980's ended. If I had to guess, I'd say my favorite song from the 80's was a toss-up between Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Jesus Loves Me. Even as an infant I had sophisticated taste in music. 

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Jen said...

We love our local baseball games, we have the best time!