Wednesday, July 31, 2013

clearly we need to keep up with our tradition of switching abodes multiples times a year

We finally found a spot for most of the things we own which means one thing- time to move again!! 

Here we go again.

As usual, moving puts the house in a state of disarray. I almost feel that for this sixth time in two years, we've managed to keep things just the slightest bit more orderly around here. And I do mean SLIGHTEST. The boxes are sort of stacked neatly. Everything on the counter is in the same general location. There are no bags of trash lying around. (I'm trying to convince myself here and I'm not sure it's working.)
Let's take an inventory of this small portion of my home:
* random bottle of salad dressing on the counter
* recyclables to take out
* birthday gift to wrap and mail
* Nerds for a healthy packing snack
* wedding gift to mail
* box with cookbooks
* cookbooks that don't fit in the cookbook box
* trash bags that I refuse to put away because they'll be needed in about 3.26 seconds
* box with kitchen utensils blocking the way into the kitchen
* a globe sitting on a random box waaaay over on the left (I didn't know what to do with the earth so I put it with the decor box. Seemed more fitting than in with the glasses.)

What I lack in neat packing skilz I make up for in over-detailed box labeling skilz!


Ashley said...

This picture makes me miss those huge counter tops and lots of cabinets sooooo bad!

Jen said...

Moving always creates so much chaos haha. Good luck!

kiki said...

Ahhhhh...gotta love packing those boxes! Where are you off to next??

stephanie said...

Where did y'all find a place at? And we should get together sometime! Maybe coffee or lunch or anything... clearly I need more adult interaction! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I can't believe you are moving again! Yall are machines. Good luck!

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

I've moved three times.. the third time I was massively pregnant and it was a two story townhouse and I got lucky. I refuse to move furniture again and our next move will more than likely be from Pensacola, FL to Anchorage, AK-- whatever will I do? You are a pro!