Friday, August 2, 2013

favorites from our fourth house

I always like document a few favorite things from each place we live. We're currently moving to a new house which means there's no time like the present to git er done.

This also give me a break from packing up my closet for the 14,552nd time which makes me so happy. The break makes me happy, not the 14,552nd packing.  

Last summer I bought a set of wicker chairs from a woman in our complex. They weren't in pristine condition when we bought them and now the seat of one has a hole so big I don't sit on for fear of getting stuck, but I still think they're pretty. 
 I got the idea for this rug from -where else- Pinterest. I had everything ready and was about to begin painting when I realized I hadn't left room in my stencil placement for the O. Greeting our guest with "Hell, welcome to our house!" isn't really my style.
I made this bumblebee at the arts and crafts center on post.
I bought this beautiful pot from Brittany. At least I thought it was a pot until I got the box and it said URN all over it. I never thought I'd enjoy an urn so much. I had visions of putting a lovely bunch of sticks in the pot for a "we are very sophisticated and decorate with urns" look. The stick hunt went slowly as I couldn't find any for less than $27 and I wasn't about to pay $27 American dollars for something that technically I could find on a walk through the woods. Eventually I found some sticks with a more reasonable price tag, but what really sold me were the beads. You can't find beads on just any sticks! I might have been willing to pay $28 for them.


Kim said...

That door mat is such a cool idea!

Claire T said...

Love that little bumblebee! So cute!