Friday, August 23, 2013

every party needs some music and a few flags

Thank you for all your sweet congratulatory comments about our up and coming baby. If I figure out a way, I'll print them for Sesame's baby book. We call the baby Sesame because that was the size when I told Christopher. I think it's a much sweeter name than Kidney Bean, it's current size. 

Three years ago today I packed Mom and the twins in the car and drove up to Boston to meet Christopher for the first time. There's really nothing so romantic as bringing half your family on a date to meet your future spouse.

Obviously that first date went well because now we're married and today I stuck a little velcro patch on his chest that says he's moving on up in the Army world. I have only been to one other promotion of his, so I was very interested in the whole process, especially since I was going to be involved. Everyone knows I love a good military event. That's one big difference between Christopher and I. I love the pomp and circumstance and he can't wait to move on with whatever else needs to be done. The other day he came home from work talking about various ceremonies coming up that he thought were getting a little out of hand. I try to be supportive, but sometimes we see things differently. 

Christopher: He said we need flags from all 50 states and I said that according to regulations, we do not. This is ridiculous.
Me: Why don't you want flags? Remember when we went to that thing at Fort Drum and all the guys were doing that marching thing (I am so good with the specifics!) around the field? They had flags and it looked so good.
Christopher: But we don't NEED flags and we have better things to do with our time than locate flags from a different unit.
Me: Well, I think the flags would be a nice touch.

Christopher: And we have to sing the Army song, the Transportation song and the...
Me: I love when you sing songs!!!!
Christopher: Why? No soldier is good at singing unless he's in the Army band.

Me: But that makes it authentic. I think all those songs are good and you should add the national anthem to the list. That would be really lovely.

And then he put his head down on the banister and groaned. I could almost see a little bubble over his head that said, "Et tu, Brute?"

Christopher told me what I needed to do forvtoday's ceremony, and let's be honest, I way over thought such a simple process. I understood exactly what was going to happen (remove the current rank, stick on the new, the end), but I was very intent on looking good in the process. Which would explain why I was horrified to discover on the drive to post that the morning sickness lollipop I was enjoying was turning my tongue a lovely shade of yellow. This caused a slight conundrum. Not finishing the lollipop might mean that I go through the HORRIFYING experience of getting sick during the ceremony, but finishing it meant that I'd have a VERY yellow tongue. Vanity won out and I ditched the lollipop. 

I arrived early and stood around watching the goings on in hopes of some good blogging material (aka take my mind of the fact I didn't finish my lollipop). I saw a soldier who's last name is Nine which got me thinking of all his possible nicknames/ways he could be made fun of. Poor guy will never be number one. 

The promotion itself took all of 3.2 minutes and I didn't even have to remove the old rank, something I had rehearsed in my head 36 times. I realize this is all very basic and could be done by a four year old, but I wanted to do well at my big moment in front of the colonels and majors. I feel it's all practicing for my moment in the spotlight when I dine at the White House when Christopher is a four star general. 

The day held very little pomp and circumstance, a fact for which Christopher was very grateful. But don't think I didn't consider bring some little American flags and an ipod to play God Bless America. 


stephanie said...

a. this cracks me up.
b. we are more alike than I knew. I loooove all the pomp and circumstance, Tyler however? Wants nothing to do with any of it. He wouldn't even wear his dress blues for our wedding, he wore a suit! Boring. Cute hubs all the same though ;)
c. I've never ever been to a promotion ceremony of Tyler's because he has always been deployed. Lame, right?
d. Sesame make some laugh because I read that as "Ses-ah-may" and I was what an unusual name choice. I obviously need to lay off the wine ;)

Jenn said...

Yay! You did it! (And C too obvs..) But no puking yeehaw! Thank God for Nine.

Jen said...

You just never know how those ceremonies will go. When Kyle took company command I was terrified and had no idea how it would go.

Jamie said...

Hahahah! Can you imagine how much they would have made fun of him?! You totally should have busted out your phone with God bless American:)

Allison said...

I was going to say the same thing as Stephanie! Word for word. I LOVE me some pomp and circumstance. You do you. Don't let Christopher get in the way of your, I mean his, Army stuff.