Monday, August 12, 2013

fly, fly, fly

I've noticed a pattern every time we move: Christopher unpacks waaay faster than I do. It's not fair at all. I will spend all week unpacking and barely make any progress, but he comes along and unpackes and organizes the garage, fills the bookcases, and makes a trip to Home Depot all in one day.

Part of my unpacking issues might stem from my methods. For example, I start to unpack my closet but realize that I don't know where to put all 82 of my bags. I go through them thinking maybe I'll pass some on, but instead find some long-lost lotion and put it on. Then I come across a magazine which of course needs to be read immediately, but a fly is driving me nuts so I stop to swat it with a sweatshirt from the laundry basket. The laundry basket reminds me that the clothes in the washing machine need to be switched to the dryer, so I walk to the laundry room (which is really just a closet) and pass the pantry on the way. The pantry reminds me that I haven't eaten any Pringles (the food of champions!) in while, so I stop for a small snack. I decide maybe Christopher wants a snack too, so I go to the garage and discover that he's done it all in the amount of time it's taken me to "unpack my closet". I feel like I'm the personification of the mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Speaking of flies, they have taken over this house. I have always had EXTREME pride in my fly swatting abilities, but since living here and getting even more flies than usual, my pride has skyrocketed and I'm beginning to think I should TONE IT DOWN. After all, pride cometh before missing a fly right under your nose. For all his unpacking skilz, Christopher is a novice fly swatter. On Saturday night the flies buzzing was too much so he hopped out of bed and started started waving around a tshirt. I, and it should be noted I was not wearing glasses which means I could barely see, would tell him which direction the flies were going based on sound. Suddenly I got very excited. "GO TOWARDS THE CLOSET! GO! GO! QUICK! NO NO! IT WENT TOWARDS THE BATHROOM" Off he dashed towards the closet and the bathroom which sent me into fits of laughter because I had no idea if flies were even over there. I just wanted to send him on a wild goose chase and see how long it could go on for before he discovered it.

It was every bit as romantic an evening as I dreamed of when I was young.


Jen said...

Flies are the worst part of moving, because they always seem to make their way in!

Allison said...

We got the Magic Mesh (As Seen On TV), and it has really cut down on the flies coming in our back door! Also, I put half a jar of kalamata olives, with some cantaloupe juice (leftover in my fridge) poured in for sweetness, out on my patio. It is a GRUESOME homemade fly trap. I might do a post on it. It's THAT good. And gross.

Lauren Zimmerman said...

I have unpacking ADD also. I totally understand! The husband, however, either gets it done fast or doesn't care if it sits around for weeks. Infuriating!

-Lauren @ Going Green: Our Army Adventure

Kim said...

Haha I'm the same way about unpacking! It's much worse when I'm packing but unpacking can get just as bad depending on what box it is. Hope those flies make their way out soon!

Terri Lynn Grothe said...

flies were taking over my house a few weeks ago as well, i was glad for some fly swatters they just need to be slower moving :p

Michelle said...

I have the EXACT same unpacking issues. We moved several weeks ago, and it looks like it was yesterday. I just cannot seem to get it together.