Monday, January 27, 2014

Watch Sesame Grow, week 30


It's Monday. 

You know how I'm sure? Because our recyclable bin blew over and the recyclables went all over the yard. And because I spent all morning and half the afternoon trying to get the printer to work and when it finally did, I discovered we're out of black ink. Black was the one and only color I needed. Then I tried to make Greek dip and we didn't have enough sour cream. Not to mention that I almost overcooked the noodles for my soup. Do you know how hard it is to overcook Ramen noodles?? VERY HARD. (Technical note- I can't eat the noodles that come in the Ramen package so I have to buy a weird Asian version that comes with rice noodles instead. I take the seasoning packet from the real Ramen, the noodles from the fake Ramen and cook myself up a very fancee meal. It becomes somewhat complicated for what is in reality a one pan/two ingredient dish.)

But enough about me!

Edition: We didn't take a picture yet but it will probably look a lot like last weeks

Size of baby: Almost 16'' and about 3lbs.
Fun fact: Sesame's teeth have developed and are hanging out below the gums. 

What's on the menu: Based on the Ramen story, obviously only the finest and most nutritious of foods.
Worst part of the week: Billy Ray Cyrus didn't have it all that bad if his biggest issue was his achy breaky heart. I'd like to write a hit about my heartburn and swollen, sore, and achy back. Wouldn't that be a fun song that tops the charts? 
Best part of the week: 1) Christopher feeling the baby hiccup. 2) Two smocked dresses I ordered came today. My stash of girl's clothes is 12x bigger than my stash of boy clothes. That means the baby is almost guaranteed to be a boy.


Jenn said...

Week 30?!?!?!? How real is this whole pregnancy thing????

Allison said...

Wait, you're having a baby?

Kim said...

Monday's are no fun but I'm so glad to see you and baby are doing well! :)

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Aw, so close!!! Hilarious comment about Billy Ray Cyrus. I love the middle picture in your header. You guys are going to be one beautiful family .xoxo