Tuesday, July 8, 2014

a few photos from the fourth

Subtitled: One of these times I'll get around to posting close to the holiday
Sub subtitled: They're mostly pictures of Sesame

Miss America by day, Captain America Jr. by night.
Grampy, Grammy, and Auntie Elizabeth are visiting for the week.
Sesame's enjoying six extra arms to cart her around and do her bidding. 
I took her swimming in a cake pan.
She wanted to go in the deep end so I told her next week we'll break out the spaghetti pan.
Yesterday we went to see how the building of my new mansion is coming along.
Or maybe we went to the gardens at the Opryland Hotel. Hard to say.
Before the picture
Me: Don't forget to smile!
Him: I won't.
After the picture
Me: Did you smile? It doesn't look like you smiled!
Him: I did.
Me: Are you sure?
Him: Yep.

I'm so glad we had this conversation.
Me: ANNABELLE!!! Can you smile for mama?
Annabelle: best smile ever.


Jenn said...

haha! AB's last smile is hilarious!! Love all of her 4th outfits!

Jen said...

That last picture is the best!

Allison said...

Annabelle is a MUCH better listener than her dad.

Also, that sideways smile she's pulling with her sunhat on? My favorite.

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

Gawww, her smile is SO cute!!!!

And your husband smiles about as much as my husband does...

Emily said...

Love all the pictures! A is looking so much like you!

Renae said...

Seriously, this post is full of cute CUTENESS!!