Tuesday, July 22, 2014

from one royal to another

Dear Prince George,
   Thank you so much for the lovely card you sent inviting me to your first birthday party. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Unfortunately my private airplane (which I refuse to believe is really a swing) is at the mechanics. I'm having a new sound system installed and it won't be complete until next Thursday. I can't travel without my plane swing. I hope you understand. 
   Do you ever feel like always being the center of attention is almost more than one small person can bear? Sometimes all you can do is wear oversized bloomers, clutch your pearls and gaze off into the distance as you dream of a life where you can fuss just because you feel like it and no one comes running to sniff your bottom. 
I saw a picture of you talking a walk with your nanny, Maria Teresa. I too have a nanny/royal baby carrier/maid/chef/court jester/housekeeper. Her name is Mother Dearest Whom I Love with All My Heart. She's responsible for polishing my tiara every day. 
I'd like to invite you and your mother over for an afternoon snack. We'll pull out the best china for the moms and you can use one of my bottles. I don't often drink from a bottle, but I'll do anything for you, George dear,
Of all the princes in my life right now, you're my favorite. I'll set my crown for you any day.
Her Royal Highness Princess Annabelle of the Rock n Play, Duchess of all Lions and Elephants


Jen said...

Oh my! This is adorable! :)

Bailey Kay said...

Oh my gosh, these photos are so adorable!

Michelle said...

This is completely amazing.

Miss to Mrs said...

Well, there are just no words for this cuteness.

I think her and George would make a good couple. Her personality would balance out his seriousness. You need to put a bug in Katherine's ear.

Allison said...

Queen Bee!!!!

Meg Doherty said...

She is SO flippin' cute and looks just like you, especially in that last photo!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Wells' party is the 17th if she wants to save her fanciest outfit for that. I mean Larrabee boys are basically royalty and Annabelle wears the crown well.