Friday, October 31, 2014

all the randomness you could ever need

Well, it's Halloween. We didn't celebrate halloween growing up so it's never an important holiday for me. If I want peanut butter cups I'd much rather buy my own then take one from a stranger when I know nothing of the cleanliness of their home and food handling habits. (Christopher would say my food handling habits aren't up to the standards of the Le Cordon Blue cooking school, but I say no one has died or even contracted a food borne illness from my kitchen. Not to mention that one of us can cook rice without reading the directions and it's not him.) I was going to dress Annabelle up as a peacock but my bubble was burst when Christopher reminded me that the pretty peacocks are male. WHATEVER, Mr. Animal Expert. I ran out of time to make her that costume (there's always next year!) so I spent much of last night sewing an alternate costume that may or may not see the light of day. It's raining here and we have no grandparents in the area to visit so I'm on the fence about whether we'll take her out or not.

We went to Old Navy yesterday to return a pair of pants. Every time I enter that store something awkward happens. Last time they put me in a little dressing room and the stroller got stuck between the door and the bench. I had to kneel on the bench and pick the stroller up at the same time just to get out. This time Sesame dumped her snack all over herself and the car seat five minutes before I knocked over a shirt/vest/scarf display. They love me at Old Navy. They see me coming and immediately call the disaster recovery team. 

Every Wednesday the library on post has story time. Annabelle enjoys seeing people besides me and I enjoy a free activity that gets us out of the house so it's a win win. The leader is nice but not exactly the brightest of light bulbs. We had just finished singing Twinkle Twinkle when she said, "I wish I knew the tune for the ABC song." All the parents stared at her because Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and ABC have the same exact tune. Despite this hiccup, she's very intent on preparing the children for preschool. PRESCHOOL. The oldest child in the group is barely two and half the children can't even sit up for longer than three minutes without falling over. Let's worry about sleeping through the night before we make sure they can recite the colors of the rainbow in the correct order. I'm not concerned about my little Einstein. She knows how to stick her tongue out so I think we're well on our way to preschool greatness.


Michelle said...

Reading about your Old Navy saga was a little distressing, considering I'm going there in a little bit to raid their maternity section. At least I won't have a stroller with me!

She didn't know Twinkly Twinkle and ABC have the same tune?! Bless her. And the children she's prepping for preschool ;)

Barbara said...

You're a riot!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

We had a pretty low key evening ourselves. Handed our some candy and called it a night and watched a couple movies. Somethings aren't worth the crowds or stress.

Laura Darling said...

Haha I hope the library leader isn't going to prepare them for preschool music courses! Sometimes I wonder about people - like yesterday on the radio when the host said, "Well, tonight we change the clocks back one hour, and lose an hour of sleep." No lady! We gain an hour!! Matt said I way overreacted but it made me so mad lol!