Tuesday, October 28, 2014

seven month Annabelle

Laying on the floor and contemplating my future as I turned 7 months.
Vital statistics: I weigh 14.3lbs and am 26" long. Mom knows this because she spent the month crying and stressing about my weight after the doctor told she wasn't feeding me enough. (Editorial comment- I need a month long vacation to Europe after this month.)

Favorite foods: Puffs, pears, bread, apples, rice and anything that isn't banana flavored.

Biggest dislikes: Having my face washed and diaper changes in the middle of the night. (Editorial comment- she wakes up because her diaper is wet so she shouldn't complain when it's changed.)

Favorite toys: paper, plastic, (Mom says I collect those like I'm a recycling bin), my abacus, Honeypot the bear. My favorite way to play is to pick something up with my feet and hold it there as I touch it with my hands.
Party hats and pj's. That's how I roll.
Milestones of my young life this month:
* I said mama! Usually I only say it when I'm distressed. 
* I visited a pumpkin patch and enjoyed eating hay.
* Some days I'm really quiet but other days I talk/babble/scream/screech/squeal.
* I celebrated Daddy's birthday! Mom dressed me up in a party hat and dress. She wanted me to be the centerpiece of the party but I was tired so I cried and was the party pooper. 
"Prince George! I am so touched! You want to share your snack with me?!'" 

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Miss to Mrs said...

I think you looked at the calendar wrong. No way is she 7 months already. Nope. No way.

She looks like a little ray of sunshine! Now that she's rolling she can officially get into EVERYTHING! A whole new world is going to open for her. And you are going to discover unsafe places in your house that you never in your wildest dreams knew existed!

Do you think she could roll to Kansas so I could hold her?