Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am both the mayor and the president of Sick City

Welcome to Sick City, the place where cough drops, tissues and Dayquil/Nightquil have banded together and decided to never leave. If that's not enough incentive to come visit, I'm sure the sight of Christopher walking around looking like a drowned rat will draw you in. To top it all off, I have a side show with a month long sinus infection. Keep the good times rolling.

Sesame has been hit the hardest, poor girl. She's teething*, coughing up a storm, trying to survive her first cold, sporting a bruised leg from two shots at the doctor yesterday and recovering from the bloody nose she got after banging her face on a chair. 

She wants you to know that despite her sassy hand-behind-the-head model pose, she DOES NOT enjoy any type of baby carrier. The only exception is when Christopher is wearing her and we're walking around the Opry Hotel. If she's not going to be carried in your arms than you can forget about it, sister.

* We've had a lot of teething false alarms. Basically I've attributed any time she's been anything less than her normally 300% happy self in the last five months to teething. The one time I didn't bother giving my teething speech two little teeth made an appearance. My mothering instincts are on point. 

But look! We can finally use free child labor She almost forgot about her ailments when she found herself a fun new toy.

She wants you to know she climbed in there all by herself. She was SO PROUD.
In other news, (segway! segway!) talking about Christopher looking like a drowned rat reminds me of our ice skating date a few weeks ago. 
He's got his hand in his pocket, looking as relaxed as if he just spent the day at the beach. Then there's me, holding onto the side for dear life. Any time I wasn't holding on I was stumbling around with all the grace and elegance of a drunk donkey. I've said it before and I'll say it again- Christopher is a lucky man to be seen with me in public. 


♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

You two make a perfect couple!!! Don't let him fool you he's just as lucky for you to have him!!!

Jen said...

Sickness has invaded our house too, it's not fun!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Tis the season -- a funky, crusty phlegmy gross season. Alexa has the croup (sigh) and we were at the ped Monday. It was wall to wall snotty kids. A cesspool of misery. I think we walked out with more illness than we brought in.

Michelle said...

I HOPE SHE DIDNT GET SICK FROM ME!!! First, we steal your electronics, then we give you our diseases. I am so sorry if I'm to blame.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Poor family!!! Feel better all of you.

Miss to Mrs said...

If Alyson got a tooth every time I said she was teething she would have about 5 sets of teeth now. I blame teething for everything!

The dishwasher provides a lot of entertainment at our house. She can open it herself now which is not good. Yesterday she opened it and took the silverware to the family room. Great, that's helpful!

I hope everyone starts to feel better this week. You've been dealing with this for far too long!