Monday, January 5, 2015

needless to say, I won't be opening en etsy shop anytime soon

Sesame Pie has been having a grand time visiting the relatives. She has fifty new toys to play with, a Grampy who wants to give her food round the clock, and an aunt who gives her rides in a laundry basket. She does miss her dad though. She saw a picture of him and started waving at it while saying "DADA DADA!" 
While we've been here she's started getting into things. "But" you say. "A sweet face like hers would never be anything but angelic." Tell that to Grammy's flowerpot, her first victim. 
While AB has been enjoying the undying adoration of her fans, I've been trying to sew her a pair of ruffle pants. My friend Toi sent me a link with directions for sewing to the worlds easiest pair of pants. I watched the video and couldn't find one single part of process I would have trouble with. The lady in the video whipped out a pair in 10 minutes, 42 seconds flat. What could possibly go wrong? I was very puffed up with my imagined ability to sew clothes for my family. Heck, give me a field of cotton and I would start making my own fabric.


For starters, I made my own pattern. Big mistake. It's so huge Annabelle won't be able to wear the pants until she's 3. I'm not even sure if the finished product will be properly proportioned. Then I discovered I didn't buy enough fabric and had to go to the fabric store for the third time in two days. (I didn't really mind that part. I have a fabric addiction and need to join a support group.) THEN. I threaded Mom's sewing machine and low and behold the thing is possessed and only sews in reverse. REVERSE. I had to turn the machine around and only sewed two seams before my eyes started to cross and I had to take a break for the weekend. 

I was so caught up in the excitment of sewing pants and picking cute fabric that I bought enough fabric to sew three pairs. I expect they'll be done sometime around 2024.

I couldn't help myself.


Jen said...

Haha I am a wreck when it comes to sewing.

Michelle said...

That is exactly why I'm terrified to go near my sewing machine! And amen to the bottom picture.

Angi said...

My mom is an amazing seamstress. I, unfortunately, did not inherit that gene, which is why I stick to yarn and yarn only.

That Justin Bieber thing...amen.

Emily said...

I so wish I could sew. I have a machine, but don't have the patience to sit down and figure it out. If I did, I would love to whip up some adorable ruffle plants for Lilly. They are my favorite and SO expensive!

Miss to Mrs said...

This is why you need to come here. I will make us delicious treats and we will sew while the girls tear down the house. It will be great!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

That's exactly why I stick to baking and cooking, Im no seamstress either :(