Monday, March 16, 2015

it was a dressy affair

When I was young I had my heart set on being on a poster. I had visions of hair and makeup people dolling me up. It was very appealing to my twelve year old self.

Fast forward a few years to the day I received an email from eShakti asking if I'd like to review a dress. I was all "Which dotted line do I sign?" My poster dreams were about to be fulfilled. Then I realized I'd have to take pictures of myself wearing the dress while standing awkwardly in front of the garage door. Have I mentioned I am my own hair and makeup person? Have I mentioned that I don't live with a professional photographer? Have I mentioned posting pictures of myself makes me squirm?

Thankfully Katie was already scheduled to come to town so she once again saved the day. We hired child labor dressed the babies up and used them as props, as one does. They need to accept the reality that we mostly had them because we needed living props.

Our goal was to recreate a 1940's housewife picture who can do it all while wearing pearls, heels and never looking flustered. Let's start with a few bloopers to give a feel for how it went.

Annabelle is pulling at my dress because she thinks it's lunchtime. Kezia is ripping her headband off. I'm trying not to drop the broom or the babies.
Katie said to look out the window contemplatively. I accidently stood on the vent and look five months pregnant.
Dealing with some wardrobe malfunctions.

I love this dress. The lace on the shoulders and around the back is beautiful. If my invitation to dinner at the White House ever arrives or Christopher becomes president (both equally unlikely) I won't have to worry about what to wear.

Standing around doing nothing but holding onto the mantle, as I often do.
It is a little wide in the waist to shoulders area but I firmly believe that's due to tape measure user error. I choose to customize the dress instead of picking an generic size and we (Christopher) had some issues with my measurements. Namely, my suspicions that I have weird proportions have been confirmed.

I was provided with a coupon code for any interested parties. I have never felt so professional in my life. Tomorrow I'm going to buy a briefcase.
Please note:
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* Code has to be entered in the ‘promotional code’ box.  It is not case-sensitive.  
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Katie @ Team Skelley said...

You look like a character from Mad Men! I love the sleeves on the dress, beautiful!

Jen said...

You look gorgeous!!!

stephanie said...

You look beautiful!! and very professional ;-)

Miss to Mrs said...

You are practically a celebrity to me. You got a free dress! And not just any dress....a fancy pretty dress! You look so lovely. I hope Christopher will take you on a date so you can wear it and show it off to the world!

Sunday School said...

Love it! You're amazing! And beautiful! Beautiful dress too!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

They do have beautiful dresses. You pull off effortless-housewife-momma very well!