Tuesday, March 17, 2015

prepare to be completely underwhelmed by all the details provided about our weekend

MOPS was having Parents Night Out on Saturday so our plan was to drop AB off then go to the movies to see The Second Best Marigold Hotel. We hadn't seen the first Best Marigold Hotel so we did our homework and watched Friday night. It was much more enjoyable homework than the time I watched seven Harry Potter movies in two weeks so I'd have an idea of what was happening when the eighth movie came out.

Halfway through the movie Sesame woke up and started coughing and wheezing like a three pack a day smoker. Poor baby was warm, had a runny nose and didn't even want Mr. Lion because she couldn't breath and have him at the same time. Christopher went up to give her a bottle and alerted me to the situation via the baby monitor. I bounced out of bed and got to the monitor quicker than Usain Bolt running in the Olympics. I have been so excited ever since I realized that our monitors can be two-way. (What am I? A four year old boy?) I don't know what comes over me but I feel like throwing around the phrases "ten-four" and "over and out" as if I'm discussing a military secret and not whether we have baby tylenol.

Saturday afternoon (are you bored yet?) we went to Best Buy to find me a new computer. I generally don't like computer shopping but thanks to the thieves of Columbus, I've had to do it three times in the last six weeks.

I have very simple computer requirements:
1. nice sounding keys
2. internal disk drive
3. easy to operate without thirty little boxes on the main screen
4. number keys on the side, not the top

I've learned I must be the only one who has those requirements because they don't make computers with all four anymore. Might as well add 'printer that uses perforated pieces of paper with the little holes on the sides' to the list of things I'll never have again.

I'm sure I provided entertainment for the person watching the security camera when I put my ear three inches from each and every keyboard so I could decide if I liked the sound or not. Christopher told me the rest of my list was, "How computers were 10 years ago. People don't put disks in their computer anymore. Most people don't even use cd's." I DO. I still borrow cd's from the library. What happened to companies that satisfied the needs of ALL their costumers? I don't want an external disk drive. It will be another thing I have to keep somewhere and plug in. Furthermore, why don't they sell record players here? What kind of establishment is this? Needless to say I wasn't in a good mood that afternoon.

I needed a little mama time after the computer ordeal so I went to the salon for my twice-yearly manicure. Thankfully I enjoy picking out nail polish colors much more than I enjoy picking a computer. It was a peaceful time for all of 3 minutes. A young mother was there with her three year old daughter and 4 month baby boy. The little girl had her nails done then the mother held the baby with one hand while her other hand got filed and painted. If I wasn't there because I needed a break from my own baby I would have offered to help. The girl sat next to mom saying over and over that she was thirsty, that she had a spider web painted on her nails (why?), that the baby was crying (as if we didn't know) and finally, that she needed to pee. I was interested to see how the mom would handle that latest announcement. Was she going to bring her to the bathroom with wet nails? We all know that never works. Was she going to risk the girl having an accident? By now the girl was poking around by the cash register. Her mother hollered, "SERENITY! Get over here!" There's one girl not living up to her name.

My purple nails and I next went to the Hob Lob because it was a day ending in Y. I picked up some paper for Sesame's birthday party invitations and almost started crying in the scrapbook paper aisle. She's almost one which is almost twenty which means she's almost married and I'm almost a grandmother!! It was very reminiscent of this exact time last year when I was about to cry in Hob Lob because I was simultaneously so tired of being pregnant and not ready for the baby to come.

Sick Baby kept us from MOPS on Saturday and church on Sunday, but we did get out to enjoy the warm weather in the afternoon. She's really into bird watching these days.
I can't get over her chubby little feet.
Christopher and Sesame had a little father/daughter dance session.
I finished off the weekend by telling Christopher my opinions on Michelle Obama's wardrobe. Topic number 564 he never thought about before we were married. It's been so informative (and emotional) for him to be with me.


Jen said...

Yay for warmer weather, we are finally experiencing it here and it has been glorious.

Michelle said...

TEAM INTERNAL DISC DRIVE. I'm afraid to ever upgrade my MacBook because it's a feature I don't want to lose.

I love the fact that the kid's name is Serenity. Irony is wonderful.

I am currently you a year ago. I've had many near meltdowns in Hobby Lobby in recent weeks over being sick of pregnancy/not ready for a baby. You understand.

Laura Darling said...

I got a new computer a few months ago and I think I have one that meets all of your qualifications! It is an HP Pavillion. When my old one died and I told Matt I wanted another and he really tried to talk me into getting a tablet instead, because according to him the technology is antiquated and laptops are so cumbersome and a tablet can do everything a laptop can do and no one uses laptops anymore. WELL, I DO BUDDY. And it's so funny you mention the CD disk thing because that was basically my number one priority haha! Good luck with your search!

Miss to Mrs said...

Sooooo you can't get a computer with an internal disk (disc? why is life so hard?)? I don't understand. All of my wedding pics, engagment pics and Alyson's newborn pics are on discs. What the heck? Has the world gone mad?

And why can't you get a laptop with the numbers on the side not the top? That is so frustrating. I'm good at 10 key, but it takes me forever to find a number at the top of the keyboard. And I'm fully aware it goes in numerical order. Again, why is life so hard?!

Kara said...

I get you on the computer thing. I don't want to give up my desktop. I refuse to get a laptop. My husband at least get its. He always goes on about all this crap I don't care about though and I'm just like 'does the internet work?'.