Monday, April 13, 2015

meaningless Monday musings

* Normally people post their Easter pictures by Monday then move on with their lives. Then there's me, bringing up the Easter post rear since 2010.
* Christopher entered a giveaway and won a revolver. I have entered approximately 72 jewelry giveaways and have nothing to show for my efforts. Some people have all the luck. Next time he needs to enter a European vacation giveaway.

* Within the past year I have had four computers. I've had three since my computer was stolen in January. I have TERRIBLE luck with computers. They get mysterious viruses. They crash. In the case of my latest computer, bought a month ago, it randomly decided to not turn on. I charged it for 12 hours, pushed every button and maybe shook it a little but nothing made it turn on. I took it to the computer people last week and they called this morning to say it was perfectly fine and turned on for them. ????????????? She didn't know why it didn't work for me but she was charging me a $45 diagnostic fee. Now I'll have the walk of shame when I pick it up. 

* Somehow a bag of frozen peas spilled in our ice maker. Every time I use the ice dispenser on the door I'm treated to a couple of peas. Instead of cleaning out the ice maker I have chosen to think of it as the latest and greatest flavor in infused water.
* MOPS had parents night out on Saturday so we dropped the small one off and went to the movies. On a scale of one to superb the movie was pretty bad.  At least it was more physically comfortable than our last date. When Katie was here she sent us out on a to the gun range. An hour later we left and my ears felt blocked up and fuzzy. I could barely hear a thing for three days. I didn't realize my ear plugs fell out and my ears were exposed to the loud noises for so long. It was terrible. I mean, not as terrible as being deaf but still terrible. I almost had a panic attack in the grocery store because I didn't know what people were saying or if they were talking to me. As if people always come up and start conversations in the cake aisle of Kroger.

* I am not very into super heroes but I do like Captain America. Christopher got me a Captain America shirt and I really like it, but every time I wear it I feel like such a nerd. I feel like I'm two steps away from buying tickets to ComicCon. I wore it to the doctor when AB had her one year appointment and the male nurse looked at it and said, "That's the best super hero right there." I replied, "Thank you." THANK YOU? What kind of an answer was that? Did I think I was the creator of Captain America?  A week later we were back at the doctors and, of course, we had the same nurse. The doctor mentioned a medicine Sesame should take and I said to the nurse, "Is that...that isn't...I I...whatI'mtryingtosayisthataprescription?" He looked at me for the longest three seconds ever then asked me to repeat the question because he didn't understand. How could he not understand my eloquence? Then Sesame pulled me shirt waaay too far down and I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole.

* Sweet girl was so excited to be out in the sunshine yesterday.
She smiled to her adoring fans then got down business- practicing her princess walk in preparation for her royal wedding to George.


Jen said...

She is so dainty I love it!

Bailey Kay said...

Your post reminds me that I still haven't shared my Easter photos...

Laura Darling said...

Hahaha that Captain America "thank you" at the doctor cracked me up. Don't you hate when you say things and then think about what you said and want to just disappear??!!

Miss to Mrs said...

I just bought a batman t-shirt. It's kind of a joke between me and Bryce. I send him random texts that say "I'm batman". I think I'm really funny. He never replies. I saw a Batman t-shirt the other day and thought it would be funny. He just rolled his eyes. So maybe it's just a joke for myself. He doesn't really seem to be in on it. But, I really am funny!

and then we laughed said...

If it makes you feel any better, we have frozen corn in our ice maker. True story.