Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the party at our hive

I don't know if I've mentioned it lately or not, but Sesame just turned one. As I've been planning for the last 10 years, she had a bumble bee party.
Naturally I planned everything perfectly and wasn't one bit stressed the week before. EYE ROLL. I certainly didn't spend forty minutes wrapping honey sticks in ribbon with her name on it (that I bought six months ago) to give as party favors then forget to put them out.
 My mom always made our birthday cakes growing up so I'm carrying on the tradition. It's a shame AB won't remember and appreciate this cake. I doubt her future cakes will turn out so well. 
I don't mean to brag, but I really outdid myself with her birthday outfit. She looked so precious.
Grampy carried the birthday girl around the like Queen Bee that she is.
Our sweet friend Tiffany.
Annabelle LOVED having Memere over. She walked around the house saying her name over and over.
I brought her into this world, spent 365+ days caring for her and all I ask is a nice picture of her looking at the camera. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.
Christopher- "I don't like posing for pictures."
Sarah- "I bet I'm going to be the only person in this picture who's looking at the camera."
This is what we'll look like with two kids. Take a good look because I'm hoping we stick with one for a while longer.
In all the hours I spent analyzing her party, I didn't spend much time thinking about how I should act while opening her gifts. She was tired and not into most of the process so I felt the need to over compensate. "Do you like this wrapping paper? LOOK AT THESE BLOCKS, AB! They're so cute! Aren't they fun!? Do you love them?" She responded with this overwhelming amount of enthusiasm.
 Then she got her own little chair, a box of chalk and a paper cup and she was a happy camper.
I enjoyed giving her a party but I'm not in a rush to do it again anytime soon. She's growing too fast and I can't handle it. Besides, I'm too busy trying to eat those 32 honey sticks to plan another party.


Jen said...

What an awesome party! :) You definitely outdid yourself!

Miss to Mrs said...

Why does Annabelle insist on looking like a big girl? Stop that Annabelle! We agreed you wouldn't do that.

Her party looks adorable. That cake is amazing! She's a lucky girl!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

and then we laughed said...

Oh my goodness what a cute party! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Happy Birthday, Sesame! :)

Laura Darling said...

Everything looks perfect! From the invite to the family picture! :) So glad you all have a bee-autiful day!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Your posts always make me giggle. Happy birthday to the little sprite, it brought back memories of my own kids' first bdays and how absolutely bonkers I was. It goes fast, but it is okay, it is also cool when they start to turn into their own little person and have their own little life. And then your teacher sends home a note that your kid has lice. Somehow this comment has taken a turn, I will just end with: Love her shoes!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Everything was just perfect, you did a fabulous job!!!