Monday, June 6, 2016

blog friends to best friends

A brief snapshot of our afternoon:

1:25- Annabelle goes down for a nap. She falls asleep immediately.
2:00- I hear a lot of coughing through the monitor. 
2:05- "Moooommmmmmmy! I spilled my lunch! I frew up in my crib!"
2:05- I died a thousand deaths. Every trip we've taken to Texas comes flooding back into my memory.
2:07- I was gagging and trying not to pass out from the smell. Luckily for me I got there just in time to stick a towel under her chin to catch the next round. What a great day to be a mother.
2:15- Annabelle was in the bath and I was stripping her bed of all contaminated items. She sleeps with 12 stuffed animals so I had a lot to clear out.
2:37- Nap round 2.
2:39- I collapse on my bed to recover and pray she falls asleep again. No such luck. She was bouncing on the mattress, turning the light on and off, asking for the window to be opened and saying "bless me!" every time she sneezes. "I get up now! Mama! You dere? I want to get up!"
3:05- I march into her room and very sternly ask why she's not asleep. "I sleep many long years ago." 

Happy Monday!

Michelle and Gracie's visit was everything I dreamed it would be and more. We are basically the same person. We both understand the importance of nap time, popcorn, and The Bachelorette. We watched two episodes and laughed the entire time. One look and we would instantly know what the was thinking. I haven't had so much fun in months. I asked Christopher if he wanted to watch with us and this was his response.
The girls played nicely, albeit separately in their own areas, and enjoyed mutual snack time. I highly recommend M and G as house guests.
I'm currently looking for a realtor to find Michelle a house in our neighborhood. We need to be close enough for daily visits.


Jen said...

What a fun visit! I love the pictures. :)

Michelle said...

MOST FUN TRIP OF ALL TIME. Watching The Bachelorette with you was one of the top ten best and most fun moments of my life.

Amanda said...

Glad your visit was everything you hoped for and more.. and ugh about the throw up. No good my friend.