Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Currently- the June edition

Excited about: Michelle and Gracie coming for a visit TODAY.  I am so excited. I should be sweeping the floor for the third time today (thank you for the continual crumbs, AB) but I'm cranking this out instead. I don't think she'll mind. After all, we have matching shirts so we're solidly in the best friends category.

Watching: Outdaughtered on TLC. The family has quintuplet (FIVE) baby girls. I love shows with lots of kids. I get to learn new parenting tricks while not having to care for all the children.

The Bachelorette. I dragged Michelle into the Bachelor franchise with me and it's simultaneously something I'm proud and ashamed to admit. Should I have recommended a new Bible study instead? Probably. Are we planning a bachelorette viewing party while she's here? Yes.
Hail, Caesar is on right now but Christopher is enjoying it much more than I am. Overall I'd give it a low rating but Channing Tatum just appeared so things are starting to look up. ETA it never got better. I was so annoyed with it that I had to watch another show to get in a better mood.

Googling: "What do people make for supper?" I'm desperate for new meal ideas.

Reading: Escape by Carolyn Jessop. I have been sucked in since the first page. The woman who wrote it was the fourth wife in a polygamous marriage. She eventually escaped her abusive husband with her eight children. I haven't put it down. 

Breaking: The decorative bird top off my glass jar in the bathroom. I blame the flies. It's fly season again which means my yearly war against them has begun. I tried to kill the fly with a towel and broke the jar instead. I will not let the flies win! 

Eating: Strawberry shortcake and homemade whipped cream.

Annoyed with: people who say Mary nursed Jesus. It's not the actual nursing part I find annoying. It's the fact that they use paintings of Mary nursing as proof. Did Mary really have the time or money to have her portrait painted? I don't think so. Wasn't she too busy hand washing her clothes in the sea or trying to explain to her other kids that Jesus never got in trouble because he was literally a perfect child? "Sorry, James. You're just not as good as your big brother so don't bother trying." Sorry for the tangent. You can paint anyone doing anything. I could paint George Washington crossing the street wearing a grass skirt but that doesn't mean he did it. Like I said, IT ANNOYS ME. 

Baking: Blueberry muffins. The grocery store had buy two, get three free packs of blueberries this week and I scooped them up like they were going out of style. I want to make anything and everything with blueberries.

Counting down the minutes until: Michelle arrives!!


Julie Danielle said...

I really enjoyed Escape. Such a brave thing for her to do.

Jen said...

Mmmmm I love any and all things that have blueberries in them! We have a place close to our house where you can go blueberry picking, I will definitely be going there.

Laura Darling said...

HAHAHA that line about George Washington is hilarious. Although I totally agree with your point.

I've been making a lot of recipes from The Chic Site lately because I am obsessed with that website lol but they've been pretty easy and really delicious!

I hope you and Michelle have a BLAST!! You need to post lots of instagram pics and write some good blog recaps! :)

Amanda said...

OMGOSH the fly war is on over here too. I used an empty paper towel tube and was very impressed with my accuracy. Hope you all have fun!