Thursday, August 25, 2016

rolling on down the road

Annabelle and I have yet another solo car trip under our belts. 

I can't say that I really enjoy taking 8 hours to make a 6.5 hour trip but we've done it a number of times now so we've established a routine. Unfortunately it's a routine that requires bringing her in rest stop bathrooms with me, but it's frowned upon to leave her alone with the vending machines while I go about my business. At the first rest stop I did my best to keep her near the door so she wouldn't make any more unnecessary comments about my bum. She looked around the stall, threw her hands up in the air and said, "WOW! What a BEAUTIFUL area!" I'm proud of her for finding beautiful in everything but I couldn't make myself agree with her observation.

We're spending a two nights at Aunt Camp before joining the rest of my family at a beach house. We've been reunited with Ivy and we couldn't be happier. 
We spent the morning at a recreated 19th century village. Not to turn this into the Sarah & Annabelle Show, but welcome to the Sarah & Annabelle Show.


Laura Darling said...

Hahahaha cracking up at the beautiful area comment. Easy to impress I guess! And Ivy is the cutest thing ever!

Amanda said...

Hope you all have tons of fun! My girls and I leave for a road trip on Thursday. 8 hours. just me and them two. SO any advice is appreciated. I already hit up the dollar aisle for random junk to keep the toddler preoccupied.