Wednesday, August 10, 2016

wordy Wesnesday

It's been typical summer activities around here. Swimming, praying for the air conditioning to work, drinking from the house and all that.
Mom came to visit last week. She watched Annabelle while I set up my craft room and unpacked boxes that should have been unpacked 11 months ago. Whenever we have someone visit we beg give them the opportunity to babysit AB so we can go out. She's a talking, eating, walking four hour souvenir we love to hand out. We went out to eat at an Asian restaurant then to a paint night. Having just done a paint night with Joanna I felt very prepared and was possibly sitting on a high horse. 
Taken shortly after my shoe broke apart while I was trying to paint a masterpiece.
It's a real shame since I LOVED those shoes. 
Christopher took the B part of BYOB seriously.
It must have worked because look at his masterpiece on the right. Not a stroke out of place. He was the only male among 30+ females and got the most compliments. It looked like I used my hands as a pallet but he didn't have any paint on him. You can't really tell from this angle but I painted the weirdest looking grass. It looks like those ornamental glass balls people put in their gardens.
On Saturday we went blueberry picking. Some people picked berries off the bush, some stole them out of the bucket.
Pigtails mean double the opportunity for bows.
"Hi, yittle sweetheart. You so cute!"

In Olympic viewing news, it's not going well. The first two nights the antenna we just bought refused to work. The third night I got it to work if I squeezed the metal part a certain amount. It wasn't the most comfortable situation but at this point I can't be too picky. I saw a bunch of swimming which means I saw Michael Phelps flapping his arms around. Yawn. Last night I was so excited about finally seeing gymnastics that I accidentally broke the antenna. I snapped it right in two. 


Jen said...

That first photo is hysterical!!!

Amanda said...

Yay for date night!! Also - we have an antenna too and it will not pull in NBC. So no Olympics for us. I just followed the Olympics FB page and wallah, all the highlights. Haha.

Michelle said...