Thursday, September 8, 2016

Currently- the September Edition

Reading: Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle. Five stars all around. It's so so good. Waiting in the wings are Bebe Day by Day and Sunday's with Tiffany. I thought I'd get through all three books on vacation but I read all of one paragraph.

Making: zoodles. I love regular pasta with all my heart and soul, but I'm trying to be more healthy and that requires sacrifice. Two nights ago I stuck some zucchini in the spiralizer and cranked out some fake noodles. My Italian ancestors were turning over in their graves. It made my soul weep a little. The finished product wasn't as fabulous as regular pasta but it wasn't too bad either. The experimental meal last night was a sausage and vegetable paella with cauliflower "rice" instead of real rice. It was not spectacular. That's what I get for cheating on the fried rice from Asian Star. This eating healthy nonsense better pay off in the slimming waistline department. If not I'll be back to my real fried rice and nightly Klondike bars. Just kidding. I'll be back to my Klondike bars and Lindor truffles either way.
How pasta makes me feel.
Disagreeing: with Christopher. I say that when necessary, having the windows open during the day allows some breeze in the house, even if it's a warm breeze. He says that only works if it's cooler outside than inside, otherwise all I'm doing is letting hot air in. I said regardless of the temperature of the air it's still creating airflow which we NEED, since our air conditioner isn't working. It's been so stuffy in here we can barely breath. We're sweating bullets. He also stated that fans don't cool down a room, they only cool you off if you're in front of it, creating the illusion that the room is cooler. He pulled up six websites "proving his point." Apparently he's "stating facts" and "actual science.'' Science, shmience. One site featured a fan in a cooler complete with a graph. Who puts a fan in a cooler? That's doesn't make sense at all. I don't care what the Internet says. I'm stating what I know FROM REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE. I have every downstairs window open and a fan on right now and the breeze is great. 

Annoyed with: our broken AC.

Unpacking from/repacking for: the beach/a trip to Georgia. I know you're thinking, "Didn't you just take a trip? Why are you always leaving?" Yes we did and I don't know. If only I got paid per mile traveled I could afford a trip to a tropical location. We'll only be in Georgia for two nights but I packed 9 necklaces. I like to be prepared for all situations.

(Update: Christopher just came in and said it's really hot in our house. Somehow he missed the FABULOUS cross-current and airflow and fan positioning I spent half the morning working on. #men.) 

Buying: maroon skinny jeans. I've never owned colored jeans before so this is a big fashion leap. The store was having a good sale so I also bought a dark gray pair. I'm trying to be a cool mom so AB won't be embarrassed when she's seen with me. 

Internally crying over: my ever increasing pants size. Why don't they have normal sized people working in clothing stores? I need someone with a little muffin top to unlock the dressing room door, not a woman wear size -4 pants and giant eyelashes. It's not good for my self esteem.

Picking up: pompoms. All day every day. Annabelle is obsessed with them and dumps them out the minute she comes downstairs in the morning. I'm counting my blessings that it's not styrofoam. That stuff sends me straight to Crazytown.

I'm off to have a super healthy supper of dandelion greens and lima beans.


I'm making BLT's with extra B.


Amanda said...

Ugh no a/c is torture. Hopefully y'all get some cool air blowing back up in there again!

Jen said...

Boo to no a/c!!! That is so frustrating!