Sunday, September 18, 2016

weekend report

Annabelle is at such a fun age for new activities. She feeds off enthusiasm and since I get very into little things she follows suit. She is always telling us she's "so 'cited!" about things. A few weeks ago I found a local event called Bufflemania at a local science museum. We are big bubble fans so I immediately bought tickets.

We talked about it for weeks. I showed her pictures from previous years which showed bubbles galore. Every day she said "I so 'cited for Bubblemania! I go tomorrow!" It was a Big Event.
I'm here to tell you that it was a flop. Or maybe more accurately, a pop. There was a small children's area with water tables and bubbles and another room with flashing lights and glowing bubbles. That's about it. Even the BubbleBot robot that seemed so cool on paper was just a glorified remote control car operated by a couple of high school boys. I know nothing about building robots so I'm not saying I could have done better, but I expected more than four bubbles to come out. But AB enjoyed herself for a while which is all that matters. When she got bored at the water table we explored the rest of the museum. I thought she'd be interested in the fake taxidermy animals but instead she was scared of them. Christopher showed her some artifacts and ancient drums which very briefly held her attention before she started saying she wanted to see something else. It filled up a few hours of our day but I don't think we'd go again. We can have more bubbles to play with and eat for free without leaving our house.
Last night when Annabelle went to bed I taught Christopher how to sew a pillowcase. We started the project two months ago so clearly we shouldn't open an Etsy shop or anything that requires sticking to a strict time schedule. His cutting skilz need a little work but overall he did well. The pillow fit into the pillowcase so I'd say it was a job well done. The fabric does not match any of the seven carefully selected throw pillows on our bed, but it's his pillow so it lives on his side of the bed and I try not to think about it. 

The next two days are big for us. Tomorrow after music class the teacher planned an ice cream party. Annabelle is bursting with excitement. Like her mother she loves a good party and she can't believe that someone would have a whole party dedicated to ice cream. Tuesday is her first day of MDO. She can't stop talking about how she's going to school.   
She's "bery cited" for both events. I might need to eat some ice cream so I don't cry when dropping her off.


Jen said...

Her personality is awesome, I love seeing her photos!

Nicole said...

This is so sweet! <3 I have a two year old niece and she also gets "cited' about things :) It's so sweet! I love when they're so young and innocent that things like bubbles excite them<3

I just started following along with your blog on bloglovin and I'm obsessed! I would love a follow back!

xo Nicole