Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

* I am not so emotionally attached to my hair that I almost cried when someone(who will remain nameless, but nonetheless gave birth to me) ) did more then just "trim" it. It was not so close to a tragedy that Shakespeare would have been proud to write a played based on it.

* While sleeping over Erika's, I did not get out of bed at 1:46 am to get something out of my pocketbook, and decided that it was the perfect time to count all the change I had in my wallet. I did not pour all the coins out on the floor and count them then and there.
FYI, I had $5.37 in there, which may explain why my pocketbook was getting so heavy.

* I did not start going off about how Barack Obama is trying to change everything even where we put our stamps on envelopes when I pulled a letter out of the mailbox and saw the stamp was sitting there happy as a clam on the lower left-hand corner. That "stamp" did not end up being a sticker. I would never confuse the two. Never.

* I did not eat very possibly more then two doughnuts holes on Friday knowing full well that I'm allergic to wheat and I would most likely end up with a headache.

* I did not eat them because "everybody else was". I never use that excuse. Especially not twice in one month.

* I don't want to tell you about Jennisa's giveaway over here. You won't like it so don't even bother. ;)