Friday, October 15, 2010

Backwards Upside Down Supper

After the success of Silly Supper a few months ago, the mayor of Babysitterville decided to hold a Backwards Upside down Supper. {Technically it wasn't the mayor's idea, it was Laura's but with a little twist. I'm just giving credit where credit is due.} Anyway. If you wanted to attend BUDS you were required to be appropriately dressed. Namely, you had to wear a hat upside down and backwards. Wearing your shirt backwards was completely optional. The food was served on upside down plates and we attempted sitting on backwards chairs. For obvious reasons, we did not drink out of upside down glasses.
This was our first course:
It was a big hit.

As was to be expected, Molly had some major troubles with her hat but Zachary's was fine the whole time. That seems to be the pattern of their lives. I wore a hat also but there are purposely no pictures to document it.   

 Ever since I told Molly and Zachary about the 'ladies before gentlemen rule', Molly has been using it to her advantage in every possible situation. About to wash their hands? "LADIES FIRST!" Picking book for story time? "LADIES FIRST." {Capitals means she's very loud about it.} Poor Zachary got tired of this very quickly but since he's not a lady, he can't really argue. Until Backwards Supper. When it came time to eat their chocolate peanut butter spoons {my latest and greatest invention}, Molly began her "LADIES FIRST" speech as expected. Zachary just looked her very calmly in the eye and as he took the spoon with the most chocolate, he said "Not this time.This is BACKWARDS supper."


Sandy a la Mode said...

hahha double rainbow ice cream!? that is awesome! it sound really delicious!

Laura Darling said...

LOVE backwards dinners!

Laura Darling said...

P.S.-what are chocolate peanut butter spoons?! I have a feeling I would probably be a big fan of those too!

Sarah said...

We dipped spoons in melted chocolate, put them in the freezer til they hardened,then put peanut butter on them. It was basically a peanut butter cup on a spoon! :)