Tuesday, October 19, 2010

birthdays, fires and friends

We have another birthday to celebrate!

The following conversation transpired while I was talking to Katie on the phone the other night in the presence of my family{a situation I like to avoid if possible}.
Katie: 22 seems so much older than 21!
me: It's not that much older. You're still on this side of 25.
Mom: That's right! You tell her she's still young!
Dad: Well, 22 is getting really close to 50. 

Thank you,Father. You were so reassuring in her time of distress.

The fire alarm situation

The fire alarm went off three times during history yesterday. After three minutes of discussing whether it was a real fire or just a drill{I personally believe it's better to have that discussion once you're safely out of the building}, Mr Shadrick decided we should leave the room. As everyone stood up, he said "just take your valuables with you". No less than 6 people immediately grabbed their cup of coffee. Because coffee is way more irreplaceable and valuable then, say, YOUR LIFE.
The girl from Peachtree City

Elizabeth's friend Abby flew up from Georgia to visit for the weekend. She is so sweet and has the best dimples. Elizabeth and Abby spent the visit attached to each other like Siamese twins{notice how they're wearing the same shirt}while they discussed deep topics along the lines of Silly Bandz and penguins. 

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Laura Darling said...

It seems like you always have a birthday to celebrate!

I just turned 22, and I felt old. But on Saturday my best friend turned 23, and that turned my whole perspective around. Compared to her 22 year old self, i am a a BABY!