Monday, October 11, 2010


Ok, folks. Someone needs to get in contact with the owner and operator of this here blog and tell her that she’s been doing a TERRIBLE job of documenting her life lately. It’s an embarrassment really.

The owners of these two names, AUTUMN & JOANNA, showed up at my door the other day for our long overdue, all-important S.L./Scrabble/girls night.  We were way behind on our socializing and had A LOT to catch up on. Apparently we were even louder that usual because when Autumn went upstairs to get her camera, Mom asked her if our group had suddenly multiplied from 3 people to 12. That’s saying a lot because we are not known for our lady-like volume. {There’s a small possibility Molly may have gotten her loudness from me.}We were so into our socializing that it took us 65 minutes to take three turns in Scrabble. What can I say? We like to talk. We were so busy talking that the only food we ate were the 12 cookies I made. That’s a shocker because food is pretty much the fourth member of our club. The final Scrabble scores were 184,148 and 135. I had neither 184 nor 148. Was I surprised? Not in the least. I’ve become quite used to being the LOSER. I wouldn’t know what to do if I won. 

{I think I’ve finally lost my brain because 2 seconds ago I know exactly what I was going to say next. NOBODY needs to reaffirm that statement about my brain, thankyouverymuch.}

Oh yes, school updates:
1. In sociology on Thursday, the teacher said such-and-such “happens all the time so it’s really rare.” I have NO idea what he meant. 
2. The Dean of the college will be visiting our science class on Thursday to discuss with us proper classroom behavior {or the lack thereof}, respect, and the general mayhem the goes on in Room B104. As he doesn’t generally have these meetings with students and their teachers, it will be a very interesting morning to say the least.  
3. According to my history teacher, the inventor of Facebook makes $559,361{give or take} per hour. The poor man is barely scraping by. 
4. I've also learned that “it’s bad when trains hit”, “turkeys drown in the rain”, and that Theodore Roosevelt liked attention so much “that he’d go to the opening of an envelope if he could.” Mr. Shadrock’s history class is always worth getting up early for.

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