Monday, February 7, 2011

I will not be wearing any of these when I walk down the aisle

In my many Google searches through out the course of this wedding planning, I have come across many unique wedding options. Not the least of these options has been a VERY large selection of odd, interesting, weird, crazy, ugly, and ridiculous wedding gowns. 

Exhibit A.
Very creative and unique , but I think those feathers were better off attached to the peacocks at the zoo


Exhibit B.
 And some people think we have a lot of people involved in our wedding
{Also,what's up with that guy in the bottom right who appears to be holding a gun? Who invited him to the wedding?}

Exhibit C.
As someone who always said she was going to have a patriotic wedding, I am almost tempted by this dress.

Exhibit D.
 I don't think this qualifies as a wedding dress.
 It looks like something a nun would wear but nuns don't, in my limited experience with them {meaning I've seen them at the Christmas Tree Shop and Walmart},wear much white.  

Exhibit E. 
This dress gives a whole new meaning to the term "glowing bride".


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Laura Darling said...

Oh my. That last dress looks like what Fergie wore during the halftime show last night!! I think you should go for #1. You know, just to surprise everyone.