Monday, February 21, 2011

The Weekend Review

I almost didn't write anything about this weekend because nothing overly exciting happened, but I don't want to look back in 15 years wondering what in the world I did February 18th-20th 2011 only to discover that I had a GAPING hole in my life.

That being said, nothing overly exciting happened this weekend. The excitement o'meter pretty much hovered between normal and average. I shouldn't be overly surprised about that based on how it started off on Friday while Zachary and I were curled up under a blanket on their couch discussing things important to his young life such as his loose teeth and his upcoming birthday party at a sports club. After we exhausted those topics, I suggested we discuss "how the sales at Home Depot are going to effect the economy in the next ten years." That topic didn't appeal to him so he moved on to bigger and better things like telling me about the Playstation remote {which was just an indirect way of asking me if he could play it}. In retrospect, I'm glad he didn't want to discuss Home Depot. The only thing I'd have to say on the subject is that I like Lowes better than Home Depot because I like the color blue better than the color orange, and I hardly think that would have added much to the conversation.

For a good part of Saturday morning, Aaron entertained himself by watching Julian Smith videos on Youtube. After a while Mom told him he could watch one more video then he really needed to get to his chores because the pans, they weren't going to wash themselves. Being the strategic homeschooler that he is, he choose the longest Julian video he could find and invited us all over to watch it along with him. And that's how we came to be crowded around the computer at lunchtime on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 watching an 18 minute video of Julian Smith travel from Nashville to California. The only thing that brought more excitement to Aaron's day occurred while he was washing the pans and Josh Groban and I started serenading him in French. The look on his face clearly said, 'your birth certificate says you're 21 and the ring on your finger says you're engaged so maybe you should start acting more grown up and respectable instead of using the end of the vacuum as a microphone.' I think he was just jealous of my French skilz. 

In other news, my friend Joy {Katie's sister} got engaged to Colin from Mississippi on Saturday!   

Wedding bells are ringing all around me.  

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