Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brunch with the S.L.'s

At least once every trip home I like to get together with the Single Ladies.
Aren't they charming?
Instead of our usual late night meeting, we decided to shake things up and meet for brunch. We made the shocking discovery after they arrived at my house that nobody had brought bacon. Thankfully we had sausage in our refrigerator so we were not forced to have a meatless brunch. There is not a vegetarian in our midst.
Per tradition, we played Scrabble. As I have written who won and who lost so many times in the past, I will not do it again. Let's just say there were no surprises.
Even though I lose to Autumn and Joanna every single time, I love them anyway. I also love the fact that Autumn's self-proclaimed "freakishly long arms" enable us to easily take our self portrait every single time.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Oh how I love girlie brunches! Very cute pictures.


PS I *always* lose at scrabble too!