Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the visit to the car doctor

Today we took Gretchen to the doctor. 

Translation: we took our car to the mechanic for a routine investigation of the goings-on under her hood.

As we drove to the car dealership, I asked Christopher if he thought a step was more properly defined as the space between your two feet when one is in front of the other, or as each and every time you put a foot down. Please don't ask why I was questioning something he and I have been doing successfully for a combined total of approximately 48 years. 

Once at the Car Doctor, we settled ourselves into the chairs in the waiting area and prepared to be there a while. The establishment provided this magazine for our viewing pleasure:
While reading about the Ultimate Showdown- Road versus Track courtesy of Road & Track may float some people's boat (or in this case, drive some people's car), we took a different reading route. Christopher read (from? on?) his Kindle, and I read from something that actually requires you to do the work of turning pages. Before we know it, turning pages in a book is going to be a LOST ART. 

After an hour or so of waiting, we decided to take a self-guided tour of the car lot. The tour started a conversation about which vehicle would best suit a hypothetical family that hypothetically may have eight (8) children at some hypothetical time in the future. Our conclusion? A bus, a 12 passenger van, two Jeeps, or a clown car. Christopher thinks 12 passenger vans are ugly therefore he would be opposed to said hypothetical family with eight (8) children having one, but I told him there aren't many options unless we hypothetical family has a herd of goats, sheep, and horses to ride instead. 

To find out which mode of transportation the hypothetical family eventually chooses, come back in fifteen or so years. Who knows, maybe we'll they'll be traveling by alpaca and yak!

For your viewing pleasure, here we are at a car dealership in Mississippi. We really get around when it comes to car places.

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Laura Darling said...

The last time I took my car to get the oil changed, the mechanic asked what kind I wanted and I said, "I need to look at the menu."

The menu. Like I was at the Olive Garden or something.

I'm glad Gretchen checked out well, and I'm also glad that you've named her. Gretchen is way better than Old Blue.

P.S. - Does Christopher like his Kindle? I was SO anti-Kindle for a long time, but now I'm sort of tempted...