Monday, July 25, 2011

what we did, weekend edition

Friday brought about a long-anticipated trip to the brand-new Joann's craft store. Let us have a moment of silence in which we reflect on how coincidental it is that Joann decided to re-do her store at the same exact time that I moved to town. We didn't buy any craft supplies (I didn't even venture into the clearance department because that aisle is a total time sucker), but we did get dowels and twine to stake up my tomato plants.
That evening during supper we were having a discussion about our favorite actors and actresses. It probably comes as no surprise that I refer to all my favorite actors/actresses by their first name and leave off their last name. We're BFF's and they just don't know it yet. I mentioned that I was a fan of Patrick (Dempsey), and Christopher said, "He's just a haircut with a voice". Based on that statement and the ones that followed, I take it Christopher and Patrick are not BFF's.

Saturday started off at the unholy time of 6:45. I had a first aid class at 8:00, so I rolled my self out of bed and into my clothes. There was a lot of stalling and "I don't believe in getting up this early on a Saturday" between the rolling out of bed and into my clothes, but it is not worth documenting. We arrived at the class only to discover that apparently the instructor did not believe in getting up at 6:45 either. Without the instructor the class could not go on, so we suddenly had a whole unplanned day before us. We decided to do something bold and exciting...we went grocery shopping. I mean really, THE FUN NEVER ENDS around here. It was actually more exciting than you'd think because I discovered that shopping at the commissary is half the price of shopping at Price Chopper. I'm all about saving money. After all, saving money at the grocery store means there's more money to spend at the craft store. 

That afternoon we went to the Apple computer store at the mall to have the laptop looked at. Due to the apparent popularity of the store, I didn't think it would be the appropriate time and place to mention that I prefer PC's.

I had a J. Crew gift card burning a hole in my wallet, so after the Apple store we went over to see if they had anything with a price tag under $150. They did, and I bought this cute blue dress.

After church, we made our weekly puppy-viewing trip to the pet store. I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to week after week look at cute animals we aren't going to buy, but one of these weeks we're going to be powerless to resist the puppy urge. One of the few things cuter than puppies are babies, so it works out well that I went to meet a baby I'm going to babysit for after the puppy trip. I considered putting the baby in my pocket and bringing him home to Christopher, but I wasn't too sure it would go over well. For some reason, he likes to talk out possible life-altering acts before they happen and we hadn't discussed this one. The baby's parents probably would not have enjoyed that either. Basically it would have only made me happy. 

Please note- The girl you saw running around the house all weekend with a towel/rolled up newspaper/hat/flip flop chasing and whacking at flies absolutely was not me. I would never do such a thing, even if they had been flying around the house for the last SIX days.


Shayla said...

AHHAHAHA I love that statement "christopher and patrick are not best friends" haha My hubby makes fun of me for making "besties" for everything. If a friend of mine and I are wearing the same shoes I'm like oh look we are stilleto besties today! haha

I LOVE Joanns. . .you have so much self-control, bc I could spend hours in there!!!!!

haha I had flies AND gnats last week, it was bad. . .this week, nothing yet??? I don't get it!

Shayla said...

Also! Thank you for your comment about my pic, if it makes you feel any better we didn't think of it either, our photographer thought about it! He had never done it before and thought it would actually look good considering my hair and veil placement, he said he will definitely do it in the future, we got a lot of good shots with it on! :)