Thursday, August 11, 2011

"A garden is a friend you can visit any time."

The powers that be who own our humble adobe do not allow their residents to dug a hole in the earth, stick in a tomato plant, and call it a garden. I fully understand their position, but as someone who has planted a garden since I was the tender age of 2.5, I just could not go without a garden. To do so would be like an Oreo having no cream filling. IT JUST ISN'T RIGHT. 

And so I present my pot garden.

(You don't think I mean marijuana, do you? Because I absolutely DO NOT grow that.)

Below are my plants the day I planted them, a little over two months ago.
I have six tomato plants, two peppers, and one basil.
Here they are today. 
Please note how the teeny tiny pepper plant in the middle has grown approximately 1/8 of a centimeter since it's planting. I have almost given up hope of it ever producing anything. My other pepper plant has produced one pepper to date, for which I am grateful. Please also note the grass that grew since I planted my garden. I had absolutely nothing do with it, but I'm so glad it's there.

I got tired of rotating all my plants around so they'd all have their moment in the little triangle of sun on the patio, so I moved three tomato plants over by the fence. The plant on the left looks like it's on steroids or something, it's gotten so big.
The other half of my garden is dedicated to flowers.
I have one big pot of Million Bells in the back...
...and yellow and orange strawflowers in the front.
And thus concludes this tour of my (pot) garden.
 I have high hopes for lots of yummy tomatoes and, when I'm feeling very optimistic, maybe even a few peppers. 

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Laura Darling said...

What a cute little pot (the legal kind) garden! Our garden is finally starting to thrive and the other day for lunch I went out and picked a tomato right off the vine, sliced it on some white bread, mayo, cheese, salt, and it was the best lunch ever. And the next day I picked another tomato, cut an X in it, and stuffed it with tuna fish. It's possible I've never tasted anything quite to delicious.

Also, the grass there is so GREEN!!! Looks so nice!

Whitney said...

I love the colors of your flowers! The butterfly decorations are so cute!!