Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hodge-podge post

1. Last week on a trek to the mailbox, I came upon a cucumber on the sidewalk. It was wrapped in plastic, just lying there in the sun. Having never come across a cucumber on a sidewalk before, I was unsure of any cucumber rescuing procedures. So I just left it there. After all, somebody might go in search of their missing cucumber and who was I to stand in there way? It reminded me of the time Katie was over and, on the same sidewalk, we found a lobster. 

New York is weird.

2. We have two computers in our little family. Christopher has a laptop and I have a computer that doubles as the tv because we're real fancy-schmancy over here. Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, the computer part (not to be confused with the tv part) of my computer no longer works. The store where we purchased it provided exactly ZERO assistance, so we gave it to someone Christopher worked with in hopes that he might work some sort of computer magic. After many weeks my computer was returned to us and by some miracle, IT WORKED! For all of a week and a half. In that week and a half our personal computer fixer left the Army. We are now faced with a terrible, terrible problem. The computer went into early retirement/crashed/ showed the blue screen of death immediately after I put 998 pictures on it and deleted them off my memory card and before I put them on cd's. 

There is great mourning amongst the photographers here at Dandelions and Daffodils, Inc.

3. They say once you get married you will learn all sorts of new things about your significant other. Happy things, weird things, disturbing things, you name it. I have discovered my dearly beloved's GLARING LIFE MISTAKE.

He doesn't not know how to properly butter bread.

It came as a great shock to discover I married someone who puts butter in the middle of bread, moves it around a little, and calls it BUTTERED. I am extremely meticulous about my buttering. The butter has to reach each and every edge or I won't be able to eat my bread in peace. His method of buttering doesn't bother him in the least, but it makes me very nervous. I have taken it upon myself to be the designated garlic bread maker of the family. It's the only way I can be sure of getting my correct butter intake.

4. Someone found my blog by googling 'yellow children in Africa'. I have no idea how or why.

5. When I picked up my new prescription today, I asked the pharmacist what the potential side effects are. She pointed to a pile of papers she was putting in my bag and said, "all the side-effects are listed here. Of course, the worst side-effect is that YOU'LL DIE."

How reassuring.

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Mary Ann said...

That pharmacist needs a vacation - STAT!
So sorry to hear about your computer crash! That is precisely why I never do anything with the pics I take. I have zillions of them on memory cards that get kind of lost around the house sometimes but that is the kind of 'lost' that doesn't feel so permanent :-) I hope you can recover your snaps somehow!